5 Reasons Why Hong Kong Is An Awesome Place to Visit

 Hong Kong is one of the great destinations which is choosen by tourist from all over the world. Coming to Hong Kong, visitors will experience a lot of interesting things that other countries do not have. The culture and people of Hong Kong have their own cultural identity. If you have not ever traveled  to Hong Kong, then book your tickets and prepare for this trip, because there are many reasons to urge you to come to this land

 1. Skyscrapers - the symbol of Hong Kong 

The first reason that you will want to come to Hong Kong is to see the skyscrapers. Guests can enjoy the magnificent views from the top of Victoria. In addition to watching the space through the telescope, visitors should also walk on the streets which are full of blue.

Hong Kong owns the most expensive skyscrapers in the world
Hong Kong owns the most expensive skyscrapers in the world 

2. Climbing

Climbing on the impressive streets is the second reason that urges visitors to Hong Kong. When trekking, visitors can choose from "Dragon's back" on the southeastern side of Hong Kong Island or the way down the cable car to Ngong Ping. 

3. Shopping Paradise 

If those who love shopping, when hearing about this shopping paradise, they will certainly want to fly to Hong Kong. Hong Kong items except for cosmetics are exempt. Therefore, the purchase of beautiful and quality things, that reasonable price is understandable. Coming to the famous shopping district in Hong Kong, guests will be selected many items with different prices.

Hong Kong is known as the "shopping paradise" in Asia.
Hong Kong is known as the "shopping paradise" in Asia. 

An experience that travelers should keep in mind when shopping in Hong Kong is the discount period. There are 3 season in Hong Kong in May, late July to early August and after Lunar New Year. Compared with Thailand or Singapore, the brand name in Hong Kong is sold at a discount. Especially, at the end of the season, sales are down to 85% - 90%. It is an opportunity for visitors to buy cheap goods. 

4. Explore Lantau Island

For those who like to walk and climb,  the island of Lantau will make travelers want to travel to Hong Kong immediately. Being the largest island in Hong Kong with its hilly terrain, Lantau still retains many of its unspoilt nature, with its unspoilt greenery, and many of Hong Kong's most popular attractions.. Naturally wild with immense green forest, and many attractions attract most visitors in Hong Kong. There are many ideal attractions on Lantau Island such as Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car, Tai O Fishing Village, Tianjin Great Buddha Statue ... 

A minute to discover Hong Kong street food
One minute to discover Hong Kong street food

5. Enjoy street food 

If you like to walk around the streets in Hong Kong, street food is the reason for urging you to Hong Kong. In the neighborhood, visitors will enjoy many strange and attractive dishes.

The street culture of Hong Kong is blended with Asia and Europe. Chinese dishes such as fish curry or soft egg pie ... 

Not only is it famous for its unique culinary culture, Hong Kong is also becoming more attractive when its cuisine is served at a very fast and at affordable price. From traditional dishes to unique and innovative new dishes, Hong Kong's street foods options can serve you. 

All of the above promising experiences are enough to make you want to fly to Hong Kong. Get started planning and traveling to Hong Kong to explore many exciting things!