An Other Hong Kong Steps From Movies

 Certainly since childhood, many young people are familiar with Hong Kong films. It's like a childhood mark of the 8x generation, 9x so. But not all of them are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong. However, going to Hong Kong is not as difficult as you think. Let Fareastour tell you, things to prepare and cute things about Hong Kong journey.

 For the most comfortable trip, you need bring at least 10 million to cover all costs. We listed a few basic expenses in 4 days for you to know through the situation. 

- Air ticket: 2800k 

- Accommodation 3 nights: 2000k 

- Visa (DIY): 1200k 

- Train to airport (2 way): 340k 

- Travel in HKG (octopus card): 500k 

- Sim 4G phones: 255k 


Hong Kong glows under the lights.
Hong Kong glows under the lights.

Thus, we lost about 7 million for hard expenses. Airline tickets and accommodation can travel and change depending on your chosen time. The cost of eating and drinking is of course dependent on each person's pocket. However, you should also specify about 500k / person / day to discover a very special part of Hong Kong cuisine. Besides, there are some fun places to go to: 

- The Peak (train ticket and ticket to the tower) - 250k 

-          Ngong Ping cable car / Buddha statue: 650k 

- Ocean Park Park ticket: 980k 

The amount of money is about 11 million. Surely each person's trip is different, there will be arises. If someone has conditions, then carry some spare or self-balancing costs. 

Hong Kong is a place not only unique to film but even real life is a color paradise. Many people came here and commented that Hong Kong is the most Eurasian. Being as simple as wandering around Hong Kong is also a memorable experience.

Under the bright lights in the night makes Hong Kong as the future city.
The bright lights in the night makes Hong Kong as the future city

 To Hong Kong, you can confidently launch in Soho or Central. There are countless restaurants, bars, shops ... The place where one feels the best of London in an Asian country. It's a place where we can meet a lot of people from different lands, with strange, colorful, multi-colored characters. 

Lost in Hong Kong's winding, small streets are countless skyscrapers. The best place to observe the whole scene is the walking street in Tsim Tsa Tsui. Those who are not familiar with it can be overwhelmed. People who are familiar with it will enjoy the pace and development of this place. There are people who travel only to fall in love with Hong Kong and set a goal that one day will come back to work and live. 

Arrive at Tsim Tsa Tsui around noon, when the sun is calm, cool sea breeze, take a stroll around and fall off the stairs at the Avenue of Stars, then continue to attend Clock Tower and 1881 Heritage building which is a beautiful and special building of Hong Kong. This house was built in the late nineteenth century. Currently, the house was restored as a museum, combining high-end shops and restaurants. The 1881 Heritage symbolizes Hong Kong's classic, modern elegance, making Hong Kong's dream come true. 

Hong Kong as the scene in Asian animation or a manga of Japan.
Hong Kong as the scene in Asian animation or a manga of Japan.


Hong Kong's Hollywood Street, where strangely colored contrasts. People here find the bars packed and noisy after hours of work. But people also see the Chinese restaurant is very popular, very simple sparkling Michelin Star of the owners who do not know English. 

Hong Kong, where people live between dreams and peaceful sky, romantic horizons. Hong Kong is expensive coffee on the upper floors of the most luxurious building, also late afternoon between the forest walk and many pristine beaches located not far from the buildings of hundreds of floors. Hong Kong colors and personality

 Going to Hong Kong is not as expensive as European trips, but it is enough to experience the architectural essence and the classic and modern intercourse between the West and the Asia.