Chi Lin Nunnery in Diamond Hill, Kowloon

 Located on an area of 3.2 hectares, Chi Lien (Chi Lin Nunnery) is a large architectural complex with gardens, elaborately carved Buddhist temples and shrines. Chi Lien Meditation Center is located at the right vantage point of the Nanyang River. Built in the framework of a successive temple system Zen Meditation Center reminiscent of Qin architecture 
 Chi Lien Meditation brings with it the message of harmony between nature and people. Chinese people think that if the house is built entirely from wood, the life cycle of the building will be longer. 

Built in the 1930s as a haven for nuns, the monastic architecture population has been used for many different purposes over the years. At one stage, the monastery was a place for the needy school, orphanage and hospice for the homeless. 

When remodeling in the 1990s, wooden buildings were refurbished in the traditional antiquities of the Tang Dynasty. The whole building does not use nails, snail. More than 1,000 gold cedar bars are connected by tight wooden frames. 

 Chi Lien Monastery is a large architectural complex with garden
Chi Lien Monastery is a large architectural complex with garden


There are three different wings when entering the monastery that symbolize different meanings, the first representing love, the second representing wisdom in life, and the third representing the sense of belonging. ingenuity of man. 

To enter the monastery, visitors have to step through Son Mon "mountain gate". Behind the gate is a garden with lotus ponds, fake tops and bonsai trees. At the end of the garden is the Uranus, the statue of Buddha and the Uranus in every corner. 

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The main chancel, located behind the second garden, is the largest residential building in the entire population, with 28 cedar wooden columns supporting 28,000 tiles. In the main hall is the five statues of the gilded Buddha with the Buddha statue and the Tathagata in the middle. 

Hong Kong's Chi Lien is a sacred destination that can not be missed
Hong Kong's Chi Lien is a sacred destination that can not be missed

Come here, visitors spend time walking around the garden, enjoy the quiet, peaceful space of Chi Lien Monastery. The first small courtyard of the monastery is the lotus pond area. The garden consists of lovely daffodils, 4 small ponds and bonsai trees carefully trimmed. The gardeners have deftly arranged the plants in harmony with the sculptures on the walls and the lake. One of the interesting points in the details of  Lotus pond is the dragon head sprinklers. 

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In China, Dragon symbolizes the power of the sky, as well as rain control brings bumper harvests to the people while the lotus in the lake is a symbol of purity. The complex also includes a series of halls, some of which contain gold, clay and wooden statues representing gods such as Shakyamuni Buddha and the Bodhisattva. 

However, please note, the monastery does not allow guests to take photos. 

Visit the space of Chi Lin Nunnery  in Hong Kong
Visit the space of Chi Lin Nunnery  in Hong Kong

The temple is at the foot of Diamond Hill in the north of Kowloon, a short walk from Diamond Hill MRT Station. Travelers can easily find the way from the railway station to the monastery with detailed directions on the road. Chi Lien Monastery is open daily and does not charge a fee for visitors. 

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Location: Located at the foot of Tohsan Mountain in the north of Kowloon

Open daily

Admission: Free