Hong Kong Festivals and Events

 Hong Kong's influential Hong Kong heritage that brings to the city the culture of ancient festivals. Whether in the form of intimate family or public glasses complete with vibrant lanterns, busy temples, lion dances and fire dragons, Chinese festivals are the most vivid manifestations of the soul of the city. If you are going to Hong Kong, check out the festivals below for a chance to enjoy the excitement of this special place.

 Dumpling Festival 

It can be said that the dumpling festival at Pak Tai Temple, Cheung Chau, Hong Kong is the most exciting and exotic festival of all festivals in Hong Kong. This festival is held from late April to early May. So, you should travel to Hong Kong at this time to admire one of the most exotic festivals in the world.

The highlight of the festival is the dumplings which are high plastic folding tower and the men will race to climb up the tower to get those plastic dumplings down. Besides, you will also be pampered with lion dances, martial arts performances in legend ... while enjoying a variety of dumplings with all kinds of people, and delicious food, famous at street food exhibitions and flea markets. 

Tai Kok Tsui Temple Fair is another colorful and lively celebration famous for its Grand Parade
Tai Kok Tsui Temple Fair is another colorful and lively celebration famous for its Grand Parade

Tai Kok Tsui Street Festival 

Tai Kok Tsui Festival is the annual festival in Hong Kong, held on March 2 every year in the Tai Kok Tsui area on the Kowloon Peninsula. Therefore, if you want to join this colorful street festival, come to Hong Kong in early March, and remember to book airfare, train tickets and hotel room about 1-2 months before departure beacause this festival attracts many tourists 

Each year, the Tai Kok Tsui Festival has a different theme. But the themes are humane and revolve around the life and culture of the people of Hong Kong. In Tai Kok Tsui Festival, you will be immersed in the rich entertainment,  rich cuisine and learn more about the beautiful gestures in life. 

Festival of Love 

This is an important festival of the Chinese people in general and Hong Kong in particular. This day always falls on July 7th of the lunar calendar, so it is also called the Chongqing Festival. There are many forms of festivals held during the time of death, but the most popular customs on this occasion are: On the night of July 7th lunar month, women pray for clever hands. Young couples go to the Love Stone in Hong Kong Island to pray for happiness. 

Hong Kong celebrates the great and special Mid-Autumn Festival.
Hong Kong celebrates the great and special Mid-Autumn Festival.

Mid-Autumn Festival 

August 15th lunar year is the time of Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong. The Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong is very magnificent. Traveling  Hong Kong in Mid-Autumn Festival, you will be spoiled and can selfie in the streets filled with colorful lanterns, types and shapes. Not only that, you can also take part in the ceremony of dropping the floating lanterns which are romantic and meaningful flower lights that you just saw on the film. Moreover, you can enjoy the delicious tea and traditional moon cake; the unique dragon dance performance; fireworks show ... 

Sky Lantern festival 

This festival has its origins several hundred years before every spring, every place hangs red lanterns and fly Sky Lanterns. This is a place for many beautiful young couples to meet, so it is also considered a festival of love. Besides, at every festival people also make rice cakes to worship and invite guests to eat. 

Dragon Boat Festival, a unique traditional culture of the people of Hong Kong
Dragon Boat Festival, a unique traditional culture of the people of Hong Kong

Dragon Boat Festival 

The dragon boat festival is usually held on the same day as Doan Ngo (5/5 lunar calendar) in Hong Kong. The festival is usually held at Stanley Beach, with hundreds of boat teams attending. The colorful dragon boats of 20 to 40 meters in length are driven by dozens of muscular men, and cheers from the audience will prove to you that there is no traditional festival in Hong Kong, is as vibrant and as thrilling as this dragon boat festival. 

The Wine & Dine festival

Every year, the Hong Kong cuisine community will host a wine festival called "The Wine & Dine." This festival is held in November every year and usually lasts from 4 to 7 days. 

When traveling to Hong Kong for the festival of Wine & Dine Festival, you will admire and enjoy more than 310 famous wine brands of more than 18 countries around the world. Especially, there are many culinary promotions, themed wine tours, fairs and art performances of the festival. 

There are also many special festivals that you can attend when traveling to Hong Kong, such as Buddha Festival, Costume Festival, Winter Festival ...