Hong Kong shopping guide: the markets of Mong Kok

 Hong Kong is an exciting shopping paradise, the most attractive of which is the two annual discount occasions in May and December each year. Discover Mong Kok - one of the most vibrant shopping areas in Hong Kong that you can not miss.

 Mong Kok is not only Hong Kong's most populated area, but also the world's largest. The name is very relevant meaning "crowded street corner" in Cantonese. The neighborhood includes some of the city's most famous shops and curbside markets, with many street vendors selling their own products, from goldfish to wedding dresses. 

Local people and tourists buy, sell and bargain for all kinds of goods right here in the streets of Mong Kok, featuring a mix of old and new buildings. The area still retains its traditional charms with its small shops and stalls, which are nowhere else in the city today. 

Goldfish Market is properly named Tung Choi Street North
Goldfish Market is properly named Tung Choi Street North

Part of the charm of this area derives from the special nicknames given to certain streets, depending on what is sold there. The goldfish town is located in the center of Tung Choi Road. Here you will find dozens of shops and stalls selling tropical fish and fish tanks, while the nearby Ladies' Market is the place to sell all kinds of clothing and accessories for women. Go on, you will also find the Flower Street and the famous Photocopy Street in the area with lots of photocopy shops. 

Guests will find the latest fashion models of Japan and the West on Dundas and Shandong. The nearby Langham Place is just one of many shopping centers in the area full of well-known brands, while the crowded Argyle Center sells inexpensive apparel and heavy metal CDs. Mong Kok's three-tiered computer center is home to dozens of stores selling software, hardware and computer accessories. 

Toy store

The large two-storey toy store in Mongkok has thousands of different types of toys ranging from brand name to casual.

Mongkok is one of the largest shopping areas in Hong Kong
Mongkok is one of the largest shopping areas in Hong Kong

Shoe market 

Do not skip the shoes market when you come to Mongkok 

Fa Yuen Street 

Fa Yuen is a busy street of Mongkok with stalls selling everything from vegetables, fruit, kitchenware, clothes, biscuits, cell phones ... crowded with karaoke bars and jewelry stalls. 

Ladies Market 

Ladies Market is located between Boundary Road and Dundas. Called the bazaar because the area was bustling with bustling shops in the evening. Although called outdoor market, but you can find everything from high-end to popular from clothes, bags, cosmetics to children's toys ... especially the price is very cheap. 

To the Lady Market in Hong Kong, visitors can find "brand" items at affordable prices.
To the Lady Market in Hong Kong, visitors can find "brand" items at affordable prices


Ornamental fish market

Hong Kong people are very interested in the issue of feng shui, so the aquarium has become a part of the lives of many families. The demand for fish farming has increased rapidly, causing the market to keep busy for ten years. It is known that the ornamental fish market has been around for 40 years, known to many from the 70s, 80s.

The first thing, when you step into the market, visitors are overwhelmed with thousands of fish with all the colors and designs are packed in plastic bags neatly and hung on the wall. The street sells fish along the Tung Choi road. 

Plastic bags and aquariums are very convenient for customers to buy. Prices are listed on the package. In addition, customers can choose the type of fish in the tank according to their preferences. 

Flower Market 

The flower market in Mongkok offers the whole area, especially famous for its bonsai and orchids.