Travel Guide for Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most developed regions of Europe, combining East and West. However, this place retains its own identity in a powerful and civilized economy.
Just like Paris in Asia, Hong Kong, a modern city with skyscrapers, is the financial and fashion hub of the region, where it has affirmed its position in the network of international travel. The history of this land is attached to the commercial port, trading, trading ... with merchants from all over the world, giving the Hong Kong people the freedom as birds of the sky. You will be delighted to be in touch with them, and be in harmony with Hong Kong's glamorous, vibrant nightlife.

There are no majestic natural sights, no stretches of white sand, but millions of tourists come here every year: shopping, dining and ... visiting with attractive tourist attractions. Only international guests, even locals, are attracted to it, even though they have lived there for years. Take a boat ride on Victoria Bay, visit the stars or watch the sunset on the mountain of Pacific ... and a large Disneyland park to let us explore and experience the reality.
Best of all, with affordable Hong Kong tourism, visitors will have the opportunity to experience Hong Kong Disneyland - the park is built based on the world's most famous Disneyland park. Walt Disney's cartoon characters have entered the childhood landscape of many generations in the world. The encounter with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck ... was present in many fanciful dreams. Coming to and playing in Disney Land will help you discover your youngest desires, innocent jokes, innocent smiles ... A great way to relieve stress!

Visit the Film Studio in Hong Kong

 No matter how good a movie is made, there is no lack of circumstance. So if you film a movie in the times of nationality or decades ago, then you have to do to reproduce the true scene around here. That is why there are "film studios" - places that reconstruct the most honest homes and streets. If in the US there is a Hollywood film studio, in China there is a huge Hanhdanh and Wuxi film studios ... in Hong Kong have TVB film studio.

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Best places to shop in Hong Kong

 If you do not have the opportunity to travel to Europe or America, Hong Kong with a shopping plan will be a great suggestion for you, especially if you are a shopping addict. Your shopping options will really be worth every penny of your rice! Here, Fareastour would like to introduce you a number of stores, places have many discount programs that you can not ignore when coming to Hong Kong.

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9 beautiful shooting locations in Hong Kong

 Hong Kong is a contrasting city of light and constant motio, a chaotic vortex of endless skyscrapers and lush colorful spots of led leds. Here, together with Fareastour 9 hottest tourist attractions in Hong Kong appear on Instagram. This dynamic city is the country for photography, even for amateur shooters, it is easy to make a soulful image. Inspiration can strike any angle, but here are the 9 best places to take Hong Kong's most iconic photos.

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