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 Housed in the top 10 most famous clock towers in the world, is the 44-meter Hong Kong-made clock tower, built in 1915. Its location is part of the terminus of the Kowloon Railway - Canton (Kowloon - Guangzhou). This station was previously an important cultural exchange in Hong Kong.

 The top 10 most recognized clock towers in the world are: 

- Big Ben Clock Tower (England)

- Clock Tower Mecca (Saudi Arabia) 

- Rajabai Clock Tower (India) 

- Spasskaya Clock Tower (Russia) 


The Clock Tower is a landmark in Hong Kong
The Clock Tower is a landmark in Hong Kong

- Clock Tower Moscow University (Russia) 

- Hong Kong Clock Tower (Hong Kong) 

- Philadelphia City Hall Clock Tower (United States)

- Emeson Bromo Clock Tower - Baltimore Seltzer (United States) 

- Clock Tower Peace (Canada) 

- Allen Tower - Bradley (United States) 

The station was once bustling, but over time this place gradually fell out and fade gradually. Now there are only a few architectural traces (red bricks and granite stones) left at the clock tower. 


Clock Tower is one of Hong Kong's oldest landmarks
Clock Tower is one of Hong Kong's oldest landmarks


This place has always attracted the attention of both researchers and visitors to explore its history and existence. This place is considered as a memorable landmark for millions of Chinese immigrants, through the city's terminus, to Hong Kong or other parts of the world looking for new life. 

History of the clock tower Hong Kong:

+ In 1910: Kowloon - Canton Railway (Kowloon - Guangzhou) was built. 

+ In 1913: The construction of the station started in Tsim Sha Tsui (a large urban area in Kowloon). 

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+ In 1915: officially put into use the station with the highlight detail is the clock tower. However, due to limited funding, the clock tower structure is still incomplete and falls into a stagnation. 

+ In 1916: With the support of the British, plans to deploy the clock tower has been continued. Bell and watch face (made in the UK) were moved to Hong Kong but not installed. Because detailed drawings and instructions for use of the tower are not yet complete.

Its official name is Former Kowloon-Canton Railway Clock Tower.
Its official name is Former Kowloon-Canton Railway Clock Tower.

+ In 1919: The cost of building the clock tower was raised but still did not solve the manual problem from the manufacturer. Clock tower continues to be delayed launch date. 

+ In 1921: The clock tower was officially launched to the people of Hong Kong and came into operation after many years of stagnation. 

+ Early 1970's: The destroyed station only retains the clock tower. 

+ The early 1990's: The clock tower was listed as a national monument and became a popular tourist destination in Hong Kong. 

How to move to the clock tower 

From the exit E of Tsim Sha Tsui Subway Station, walk for Salisbury Street, then turn right and head down to the pedestrian tunnel next to the YMCA to the Hong Kong Cultural Center. Turn right again and head toward the river, the clock tower is right next to Tsim Sha Tsui pier. 

Today, the famous clock tower is the place for Hong Kong people as well as the tourists to sit and watch the Hong Kong night light. Take a tour of Hong Kong for a chance to visit this famous watch tower!

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