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 One day there is not enough time for you to discover and enjoy the magic of Hong Kong Disneyland theme park because there are so many new experiences that surprise you. Being one of Hong Kong's premier entertainment destinations, travelers to Hong Kong will not want to miss your adventure in Disneyland on Lantau Island.

 Since it was established in Hong Kong and opened on September 12, 2005, Disneyland has become the spiritual food of tourists visiting the port city, a minor version of the American park, Disneyland Hong. Kong is equally attractive. Managed by the Hong Kong International Theme Parks, this park is considered one of the world's top entertainment destinations.

 Website: http://park.hongkongdisneyland.com;

Ticket price: Adults / Children respectively HK $ 450/320;

Hours of operation: h10am-8pm Monday to Friday until 9pm Saturday and Sunday. 

Let's explore Disneyland Hong Kong
Let's explore Disneyland Hong Kong

Arrive in Disneyland Hong Kong you will feel you are in a fantasy world. Along with Mickey Mouse and other Disney friends, you start a wonderful and magical journey of discovery. 

It's divided into seven areas - Main Street USA, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Adventureland, Toy Story Land, Mystic Point, and Grizzly Gulch - but of course it's still small compared to the US versions, The mandarin is heading to the family with children. Most of the spaces are suitable for children, to the youngest ones. 

Highlights include both scary and adventurous tours through Mystic Manor and through classic films such as "It's a Small World" and The Mad Hatter. Travelers will be addicted to Adrenalin's true thrill - screams of darkness screaming at Space Mountain in Tomorrowland or in Toy Story Land. The Iron Man 3D motion-simulation test is expected to open in 2016. 

Disneyland Hong Kong is one of the world famous parks
Disneyland Hong Kong is one of the world famous parks

While most of Disney's Hong Kong space is essentially a miniature version of Disneyland USA, there are some nominations bearing Chinese culture. Disney consulted a feng shui master when building the park, and had cleared the entrance to a 12-degree angle to avoid slipping into the ocean. The lucky numbers like No. 8 are repeated throughout the park (Grizzly Gulch's mining town is said to have been founded on August 8, 1888), and Canto-pop singer Jacky Cheung is playing official language of the park. 

After enjoying the fun, guests can enjoy a snack at the counter, with traditional cuisine such as dried squid, fish pellets, dim sum or Western-style burgers such as hamburgers, cotton candy,  pies. 

And surely you will never escape the look inviting from a souvenir shop. There is a daily parade through the main roads in the park at 3:30 pm. Space music, light and fireworks Sleeping Beauty Castle at night store at 20:00. 

 Explore the land of Disneyland Hong Kong, mingled with the colorful street parade
Explore the land of Disneyland Hong Kong, mingled with the colorful street parade

As in any Disney amusement park, characters in animated costumes wander around ready to welcome the kids and take lovely captivating pictures together. 

Disneyland is linked by rail to the MTR at Sunny Bay station on the Tung Chung line; Passengers will arrive by train dedicated to the Disneyland Resort station and theme parks. The time from Central / Kowloon / Tsing Yi station is 24/21/10 minutes respectively.

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