Ocean Park - Hong Kong Theme Park (part 2)

 Ocean Park is one of the two best parks in Hong Kong next to Disneyland that anyone who loves animals, amusement park can not ignore. Located south of Hong Kong Island, Ocean Park features over 17 animal shows, roller coasters and ocean views of the South China Sea. To make your trip easier, we will continue to visit the attractions of Ocean Park

Returning to ancient Hong Kong - reminiscent of memories 

Visiting Hong Kong in the past at Ocean Park, visitors will find the unique culture of Hong Kong in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the past when you go aboard the Heritage. Visitors are mesmerized by the colors, sounds and landscapes of old life re-imagined. Experience a trip to the past and bring back souvenirs to preserve them. 

Thrill Mountain 

Thrill Mountain offers a dynamic, high-energy, adrenaline rush for park guests 
Thrill Mountain offers a dynamic, high-energy, adrenaline rush for park guests

In the Thrill Moutain recreation area, visitors are thrown out of the cliff when they ride the Hair Raiser roller coaster upside-down or reverse. Let's shout together with the driver to feel the feeling of flying before you switch to driving a car. Come here, visitors do not forget to join the Rev Rooster - a classic car high speed and full of energy. 

Rain forest 

Guests will enjoy the ride on the raft boat and immerse yourself in the exotic sounds of jungle. On this journey, visitors will meet some of the most exciting animals in the world. Funny little monkeys - Pygmy Marmoset, other exotic creatures, such as Capybara, the world's largest rodent, Kinkajou and Green Aracari, the world's smallest Toucan bird.

Aqua City 

Hong Kong Ocean Park launches 'Aqua City'
Hong Kong Ocean Park launches Aqua City

In the region of sea-level topics, visitors can view the Symbio, a multi-sensory program featuring the world's first 360 degree rotational curtain, starting the Grand Aquarium exploration, the ocean from the world's largest aquarium or look through a giant 13-meter panel. And the interesting thing when visitors come to this area is visit the Neptune restaurant while having your first dinner underwater! 

Asian Animal Exhibition 

In this area, visitors will visit some rare animals in Asia. Visitors can also take part in an animal discovery tour at Giant Panda Adventure. Here, visitors will be encountered red pandas, giant salamanders and Chinese crocodiles. In addition, visitors can admire the spectacular performances of the gold fish at the precious fish exhibition, or watch the colorful birds and Asian clawed otter playing in the village of Pang Truc. 

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If you have time, visit other attractions such as Sea Jelly Spectacular, The Abyss speed parachute, Train mines, ... 

Come to the South Pole Spectacular to see over 70 penguins from three species
Come to the South Pole Spectacular to see over 70 penguins from three species

During the holiday season, Ocean Park will host special events, such as Asia's largest party, and other water activities. 

Finish exploring Ocean Park, do not forget to save some memories to show with friends and relatives ! In addition, there are many souvenir stalls with a variety of unique items for visitors. 

Ocean Park is the destination which promise to bring visitors great moments of entertainment. In addition, there are many exciting activities awaiting visitors on the journey experience when booking a Hong Kong tour. 

Address: Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Opened: January 10, 1977

Hours: 10AM–7PM



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