10 delicious Hong Kong street junk food

 Hong Kong is crowded and diverse from people, facilities, entertainment and street food. Take a walk around 10 famous, unique and most satisfying Hong Kong street food.

 1. Fish balls 

Is there any food that can represent Hong Kong's street food than fish balls? Cheap, delicious, with sauce to create a very ideal dish. Appears in Hong Kong in the 1950s, fish balls has become so popular today. The ingredients in the mixture of fish balls will make "passionate" any visitors. The most famous Hong Kong fish balls can only be found at Cheung Chau. 


Curry fish balls best represent Hong Kong’s street food
Curry fish balls best represent Hong Kong’s street food 

2. Pork dumplings 

This is Hong Kong dried pork dumplings often have fish or pork. Each of these bars can be bought for 6-7 Hong Kong dollars in complex dining or Mong Kok markets, Yau Ma Tei. 

3. Egg Tarts 

From the time of the British presence is apparent in Hong Kong, as in Macau, the egg tarts are extremely popular and delicious. The only difference between egg tart in Macau and Hong Kong is the color of the cake. The crust of Egg Tarts in Hong Kong is darker and more fragrant. 

4. Hong Kong Sweet and Sour Pork 

Many tourists will not dare to try this dish when it is made from pig intestines. But when you eat, pig intestines are clean, will not be much different to eat a delicious squid with sweet sauce to enhance the taste and make you have a moment of ecstasy. This is also a popular dish at breakfast in Hong Kong. 

Delicious Hong Kong Sweet and Sour Pork
Delicious Hong Kong Sweet and Sour Pork

5. Stinky tofu 

As the name of this dish, it is smelly. However, the crunchy greasy and when taste with delicious sauce, you will easily accept the unpleasant smell. You can choose a sweet sauce or chili sauce for use. Remember to eat when it is hot. 

6. Fish Ball Soup Rice Noodles

Fish ball are very yummy. Coconut noodles with raw materials are fresh rice noodles, broth made from fish bones and stewed bones for hours creating a sweet taste. Then they added more fish eggs, beef, fried pork and salmon meat up. The hard-boiled noodles, however, retain their plasticity, combined with soft pudding and sweet juices, all creating an irresistible flavor. 


Hong Kong Wonton made from egg noodles with hot broth with vegetables and Wonton dumplings, add shrimp or pork
Hong Kong Wonton made from egg noodles with hot broth with vegetables and Wonton dumplings, add shrimp or pork

7. Wonton noodle

Just like Shanghai's crab dumplings, wonton noodle are a popular dish of Hong Kong. Prawns used to make the cake are the large and fresh shrimp are carefully selected, the noodles are made from chicken eggs are yellow color, tough but still very soft. In addition, broth is a very important ingredient to make a good bowl of noodles. The broth should be made of bone in the hogs, dried fish and shrimp shells. 

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8. Beef ball

Hong Kong's beef ball is famous for its crispy sweetness in beef tendrils mixed in dense sauce. This dish is so well known that in Stephen Chow's "True Spirit", it is likened to being a table tennis ball. The beef is often mixed with the wonton noodles, can also be eaten with other ingredients such as shrimp, cashew, quail eggs ... When you enjoy it, you will feel the pork meat soft inside with sweet aroma 

 The famous egg waffle stands in Hong Kong have been around forever
The famous egg waffle stands in Hong Kong have been around forever 


9. Egg Waffle

This is one of the typical Hong Kong street food snacks. Main ingredients include chicken eggs, sand sugar, flour, butter mixed together to form a thick mixture. Then pour the mixture into honeycomb molds and then bake. Egg Waffle look like golden yellow eggs that keep the same crispy, fatty aroma of avocado and butter. Today, in addition to tradition, the chicken cake is also variation with many different types of chocolate, coconut fiber or black sesame... 

10. Gui Ling Gao

Gui Ling Gao are Hong Kong specialty desserts, which include tortoiseshell, dandelion, dandelion and honeysuckle. This dish looks like a jelly but is soft and tough, but it is slightly bitter taste, so they often used with honey. This is a cool dessert, has a heat detoxification effect and very good for health. 

The Hong Kong street food are varied and plentiful, you certainly can not ignore them on their travels. Although there is a bit of oil, but do not worry, there are still ginseng drink near the area. Arrive at Ladies Market, where Hong Kong snacks are the easiest to find.