Enjoy 20 Great Dishes in Hong Kong – Part 2

 Dynamic, modern with skyscrapers, the presence of famous fashion brands, Hong Kong is still considered as an attractive destination of Asia. And another reason why visitors want to travel to HongKong is the cuisine in general and street food in particular. Let's continue to explore Hong Kong cuisine in part 2 

 11. HONG KONG FRENCH – Hong Kong toast 

Hong Kong Toast is a sandwich covered with fat peanut butter and sweet malt sugar syrup. If you love to eat sweet, Hong Kong toast will be the perfect choice for you to come to Hong Kong! 

12. ZHA LIANG  - stuffed pancake with cruller 

Zha Liang is a combination of crispy golden tortilla and soft rolls, served with their own sauces. Hong Kong travelers do not forget to discover this unique Zha Liang food!

Zha Liang - rolls in Hong Kong
Zha Liang - rolls in Hong Kong

13. JIN DEUI - Glutinous rice doughnut 

Jin Deui fried sesame cake looks like a small ball, has a red bean or black beans, and has a brilliant outer shell in various colors such as yellow, orange, blue, etc. Travelers will find it easy to find. Jin Deui in bakeries, restaurants and food markets in Hong Kong. 

14. BOH LOH BAAU - Pineapple cake 

Boh Loh Baau is shaped like a pineapple in the outer layer, has sweet core, soft foam and crunchy crust. At the same time, this lovely pineapple cake will become your familiar snack when traveling to Hong Kong!

The wonderful boh loh bau, or pineapple bun
The wonderful boh loh bau, or pineapple bun

15. LAAP CHEUNG - Chinese sausage 

Hong Kong sausage is a smoked sausage cooked by locals along with fried rice. In this summer tour, do not forget about the Chinese sausage of Hong Kong! 

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16. GAI DAAN JAI - Rice vegetable cake

Gai Daan Jai is one of the attractive street food, which many visitors enjoy while touring Hong Kong. From the roadside barbecue, the smell of smoke smell of cinnamon scrambled eggs, crispy tan will make visitors can not deny it! 


Feng zhao is a popular cold dish redolent with rice wine, rice vinegar and minced ginger
Feng zhao is a popular cold dish redolent with rice wine, rice vinegar and minced ginger

17. FENG ZHAO - chicken legs 

Crunchy grilled chicken leg in Hong Kong is a favorite dish of many people and international visitors. Along with the special type, Feng Zhao will make visitors remember the flavor of the summer vacation in Hong Kong 

18. EGG TART - Egg cake 

Egg cake is the favorite dessert of indigenous people in Hong Kong. This cake is made from egg and milk ingredients, which will bring sweetness, fatness and will fascinate how sweet visitors are! 

 The Chinese Roasted Duck Tasted in Mong Kok
The Chinese Roasted Duck Tasted in Mong Kok



Barbecue sticks are sold all over the street, which is a popular and popular snack in Hong Kong. Along with the rush of this busy city, these skewers will help you to linger comfortably on the journey of exploring the port of Hong Kong! 


Snake soup is a nutritious food that has many health benefits and is a great morning snack in the early morning of everyone. When exploring Hong Kong this summer, visit the cafes, restaurants and enjoy the hot snake soup! 

On the journey to explore Hong Kong, visitors do not forget to visit the restaurant, the food market or the roadside restaurants to enjoy the diverse cuisine of Hong Kong!